Our History

Mt. Scott Fuel is nearing 95 years old. It was started in the Lent's district in 1919 by Edward Tyler and an uncle named Barker. The business was then known as Hazelwild Fuel Co. They worked together for a while but soon split up. The business was soon moved to the present Foster Rd. location and as the area was called Mt. Scott, the name was changed to Mt. Scott Fuel Co. Soon after this Edward's son Orvil joined the business and worked until his death. At that time Oscar Tyler, Edward's other son joined his father in business. In the early days the business was only a firewood business.

The partners and their employees logged most of the top of Mt Scott with horses and wagons. They kept the horses in large old circus tent on top of the mountain. They cut the old growth fir trees into 4 foot lengths, and then split into cord wood. Then with a wagon and sled pulled by the horses they hauled the wood to the edge of the hill. The wood was then thrown into a dry wood flume that they had built and sent to an area near Foster Rd. They either hauled it to the wood yard or to our customers where they piled it on the curb to dry all summer. In the fall cutters with truck mounted saws would come around in the neighborhoods, for a fee they would cut the wood into the proper lengths for the people so they could put it away for the winter.

Later on the business expanded into other fuels, coal Gasco briquets {Manufactured in Portland by the gas co.}Prestologs {made then by Wearhauser in Longview WA.} and oil.

As times changed and the large logs became less available, more were going to the saw mills. We depended on the mills as a source of fire wood. We hauled 4 foot slab wood from the mills to our wood yard on Foster. We stacked it in long 8 foot high rows to dry, then cut it to order and delivered it to our customers. Again as times changed in the late 50's and early 60's the saw mills found it more profitable to chip the slab wood and sell the chips to make paper. Before they could do this they had to remove the bark. This bark was useless and was burned in huge wigwam burners at the old mills in that era, that was how the mills would get rid of their waste products until somebody thought to grind it for ground cover, thus the beginning of barkdust. As we were already dealing with the mills it made sense for us to add that to our business. As we started selling barkdust the need for these wigwam burners disappeared, so as an added benefit to the community these burners were torn down and with that their air pollution went away. At one time in Oregon there were hundreds of these burners. The reclamation of the bark for ground cover turned out to be a big help to the environment.

The fire wood we sell today we buy from vendor's that clean up after logging operations, they also cut alder and maple stands that are not used for furniture and would be left to rot. We no longer sell coal or oil. Today we still sell firewood, prestologs and wood pellets. Most of our business revolves around barkdust and other related products, soil mixes as well as sand and gravel make up our vast list of landscaping products. In 1985 we opened our second location in Boring Oregon.

In the early 60's Oscar's sons Terry and Galen officially went to work for the company Terry and Galen had always worked at the family business, after school and on Saturdays anyway. Terry's sons Clay and Paul came to work for the company in the early 80's. Oscar retired in the 90's and sadly passed away in 2000. Galen was bought out in 1999. Today the business in run by Terry and his sons, Clay and Paul Tyler. Oscar's legacy lives on today in the way he ran the business and the closeness of a family atmosphere as well as his constant ambition to help his community and customers.

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