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  • Q: How do I determine how much bark I need?

    A: Either measure, or step off your flower beds or area your would like to cover, and take your length times the width. Now you need to decide the depth you need. With the square footage and depth you can go to the bottom of this page and use the chart to either figure out how many units or yards you will need. This method works for rock and soil also

  • Q: How thick should I put my barkdust?

    A: A good rule of thumb would be 3". That will help aid in weed control and water retention during the hot summer months. During the winter it will also help to insulate your plants.

  • Q: What is the best barkdust to use around children and my pets?

    A: Hemlock is called sliverless bark, but no bark is totally sliverless. Cedar products work well in play areas and dog runs.

  • Q: How big is the truck you bring and how much room do you need to dump a unit of bark?

    A: The normal truck we drive is a 2 unit truck, it has a divider in the middle so we can haul two different products to you or to another customer at the same time. The truck needs approximately 10 feet wide and 11 feet in height to get in (the truck will need to raise its box so wires and gutters sometimes come into play). A unit of bark will cover and area approximately 12 feet wide by 15 feet long.

  • Q: I'm putting in a new yard and need to raise the level of the yard, what should I do?

    A: The two best ways to accomplish this are 1: If the soil you have is decent and not rocky you can add a variety of products to enhance your soil. Mushroom compost is the best, because of the nutrients and organic matter it will add. Our bark compost is another product that will add organic matter to the soil. These two products should be tilled in to a depth of 6 inches for the best results. 2: The ground should be tilled to break up the hard pan (hard pan is compacted soil either clay or just real rocky dirt that become very dry due to no moisture or organic matter). At this point you can add our soilmix to raise your grade to the desired level you need. Our soilmix is a wonderful product that you can plant directly into.

  • Q: Will barkdust harm my plants?

    A: NO! That is a myth, fresh barkdust might use some nitrogen that is in the soil, but it will not use enough to kill your plants. If you are worried about fresh bark we have some beautiful dark barks that will make your yard look rich and your flowers vibrant.

  • Q: Does your barkdust have ants ?

    A: No, all of our bark and composts are stored on blacktop and come directly from the mill to us. Ants are commonly hatched in the spring and already in the ground. When you spread barkdust in your flower beds it warms the ground and the ants smell the aroma. They then hatch because of the heat and emerge from the ground.

    4800 sq. ft. 1/2" deep 684 sq. ft. 1/2" deep
    2400 sq. ft. 1" deep 324 sq. ft. 1" deep
    1200 sq. ft. 2" deep 162 sq. ft. 2" deep
    800 sq. ft. 3" deep 108 sq, ft. 3" deep
    600 sq. ft. 4" deep 81 sq. ft. 4" deep
    400 sq. ft. 6" deep 54 sq. ft. 6" deep
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